-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | V A X P O W E R . O R G public retrocomputing | | a project of the CMU Computer Club | | | | uranium.vaxpower.org - DEC3000/600,NetBSD - timesharing system | | plutonium.vaxpower.org - MicroVAX-III,4.3BSD-Tahoe - antique VAX/BSD system | | deuterium.vaxpower.org - DS5000/260,NetBSD - classic MIPS RISC system| | thorium.vaxpower.org - VAX4000/600,NetBSD - very FAST VAX system | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21-OCT-2015 New SSH host keys have been generated. The fingerprints are: rsa 75:4a:b0:c8:8e:12:96:66:b1:89:c2:b9:8c:01:53:d3 dsa 26:8a:8e:af:79:96:b9:35:06:92:5a:ea:8b:35:39:fa NOTE: TELNET ACCESS (on port 23) FROM OFF-CAMPUS IS DISABLED Therefore to reach plutonium, please ssh to uranium as guest, and you will be forwarded on to plutonium. Alternately, you can find a telnetd answering port 2323 on plutonium. As of june 2015 plutonium is temporarily down because of power/cooling limitations in the machine room. It will be back online as soon as conditions allow. This site is dedicated to the VAX, the greatest computer ever made. (an image of the open cardcage of a VAX 11/750)
VAXpower preserves and runs old DEC computers, especially VAXen and Alphas, with a few PMAXen as well. We run several machines with public access so people can experience what computing is like on the coolest machines ever made. For more information, see http://www.vaxpower.org/~isildur/computers.html, or send mail to info at vaxpower.org. The machines we have currently running: uranium DEC3000/600 Alpha NetBSD 1.4.2 general timesharing plutonium MicroVAX-3 VAX 4.3BSD-Tahoe retro timesharing soong VAX 4000/600 VAX VMS 6.2 VMS cluster, general use deuterium DECstation 5000/260 PMAX NetBSD 1.6 PMAX for random hacking thorium DECstation 5000/260 PMAX Ultrix 4.4 it will be the last Ultrix machine on the net samarium MicroVAX-3 VAX NetBSD 1.4 web server, terminal server cesium AS600 5/266 Alpha NetBSD 1.6.1 NetBSD mirror omega PWS433au Alpha NetBSD 1.6.1 hosting emulated retro systems (PDP10 and PDP11) mindolluin VAX 4000/600 VAX NetBSD 1.6.2 general timesharing armenelos AS600 5/266 Alpha VMS 7.3 messing with VMS running at home: umbar DECstation 5000/260 PMAX NetBSD 1.6.2 X11 terminal gondolin PWS 433au Alpha NetBSD 1.6.1 compute box anduin Sparc IPX sun4c NetBSD 1.4.2 gateway box vinyalonde IBM T23 i386 NetBSD 1.6.2 laptop Seasonally running (keeping my living room warm in winter): osgiliath MicroVAX-3 VAX NetBSD 1.4.1 favorite computer, space heater hphux HP9000/300 hp300 NetBSD 0.9 ancient, folkloric space heater Current projects include putting up the emulated systems, namely two pdp10 emulators and a pdp11 emulator, to run ITS, Multics, and some RT11 or something, and getting my real PDP11 working to run UNIX on it. either 2.11BSD or sixth edition (if 6th edition won't work on the real pdp11, then it gets an emulator as well). Also, it would be nice to acquire an EV7 or EV67 alpha to show off what a more modern alpha system can do in terms of kicking any other computer's ass. A VAXstation 4000/90 is on the way to join the crowd and do something useful. A VAX 4000/100 or 105 would be very nice. With more time and resources, we'd like to provide more services. Most of the VAXpower.org machines live on the CMU campus thanks to the computer club . If anyone at CMU is interested in retrocomputing, send mail to info at vaxpower.org. what's the current system status? VAXpower systems run NetBSD were you looking for users' pages? isildur neolith kirstin connors erik craigts toups gpf briank il2a

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